Rainbow is my Favorite Colour - Electron Sock, Tonal, Fingering Weight Yarn

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Rainbow can be my favorite colour... right?

I am sorry purple, but what can I say? Its not that I don't like you anymore. I still like you very, very much. I have come to the realization that even though you have been my favorite colour for a very long time, there is just something missing. 

Do you ever look at the sky after a rainstorm and just see it? The glistening colors of the rainbow? Sometimes you get lucky and you see two!! A Double rainbow!! Double the delight, of all the colours that make my heart sing!! I'm sorry purple its time to move on, I'll see you at the end of the rainbow in the shade of violet. I cant hide it any longer Rainbow is my Favorite Colour.

Electron Sock Base

85% SW Merino 15% Nylon, 100 grams, 400m (437 yds).

See bases for full details on yarn.